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Check out our best selling solar mounting solutions.


Check out our best selling solar mounting solutions.

Solar mounting

Suntrans is a leading company on providing all mounting solutions for your projects. Browse our website to see all our solar mounting solutions

Solar Panels

Suntrans is an exclusive distributor of Yuan Tech Solar panels. For more detailed information contact us and we will be happy to help you!

Storage solutions

We have a wide variety of batteries and inverters for residential or indsutrial use. We also provide you with technical support. 


EV Charging solutions

We offer EV-chargers with the newest technology to provide fast and normal charging. we offer worldwide shipping to ensure you can get our high-quality chargers wherever you are. 


CCA Cable 4mm² - 6mm²


We already sold more than 5000km CCA-cable worldwide. Our high quality CCA-cable comes on wooden drums.


We help you offering custom designed carport and ground mounting solar systems. An all in solution for your clients


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