Hanger Bolt M10


Hanger bolt with EPDM water barrier. Our hanger bolt is available in different sizes:

  • M10x200
  • M10x250
  • M10x300

We also provide hanger bolts with an adaptable plate.

Hanger Bolt M10 technical details:

Dimensions hanger bolt: M10x200 / M10x250 / M10x300
Color hanger bolt: Silver / Grey
Material hanger bolt: Steel
Weight hanger bolt: 123g – 170g
Shape: Hexagon
Extra: EPDM water barrier
Minimum order quantity (M10x200): 9000 hanger bolts
Minimum order quantity (M10x250): 8100 hanger bolts
Minimum order quantity (M10x300): 7200 hanger bolts
Hanger bolts per box (M10x200): 100
Hanger bolts per box (M10x250): 90
Hanger bolts per box (M10x300): 80
For other dimensions: Contact us
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M10*200, M10*250, M10*300