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NEWS – Packaging example Tin Roof Mounting System

Another successful shipment of a solar mounting system that is completely ready for installation.

A company ordered a complete solar roof mounting system from us to install at one of its customers. The client called on our expertise to develop a complete roof mounting system for solar energy. This has its advantages:

  1. The company ordered a customized roof mounting system that met all the specific requirements of its customer where the solar panels are installed.
  2. The roof mounting system is designed for very easy and quick installation.
  3. We do worldwide shipping. The customer could choose an exact address to receive his roof mounting system. 
  4. We do a quality check before shipping to ensure that all parts and components are complete.
  5. The roof mounting system was packaged with sufficient protection to ensure load security.

Here you can see some photos of how we pack our goods and deliver them to the customer.

Are you an installer yourself but do you not have the right resources to develop large projects? We are a suitable party for this. Contact us now and tell us about your plans.

We look forward to an even greater presence of our solar mounting solutions on roofs so we can continue striving for a green future.

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