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NEWS – Suntrans becomes exclusive distributor in Belgium For Yuan tech solar panels

YuanTech Solar Announces Pivotal Partnership with Suntrans New Energy

In a move marking significant progress in the global solar industry, China-based PV magnate, YuanTech Solar, has entered a robust supply contract with Suntrans New Energy BV, a leading solar solution beacon from Belgium. The alliance commits to the delivery of an impressive 40MW of PV modules over the upcoming year, commencing with a  shipment of 2.4MW all-black N-type TOPCon modules.

The collaboration was ceremoniously endorsed following a comprehensive tour of YuanTech’s advanced Chuzhou facility by Suntrans’ CEO, Mr. Jan Claesen. Expressing admiration for the technological prowess on display, Claesen conveyed fervent optimism about the collaboration’s potential, highlighting the companies’ shared vision for a renewable future.

Belgium’s green energy narrative provides a compelling backdrop for this alliance. In its relentless pursuit of eco-friendly energy solutions, Belgium has amassed a 13.0GW renewable capacity as of 2022, with a lion’s share of 6.9GW dedicated to PV. Such milestones reflect Belgium’s global leadership in harnessing sustainable energy, a vision YuanTech Solar resonates with deeply.

The synergy between YuanTech Solar and Suntrans isn’t just about numbers; it’s emblematic of YuanTech’s ambitions to bolster its presence on the international stage. A relative newcomer, established in 2022, YuanTech has showcased its grand plans by earmarking an investment nearing US$224 million. This fund is geared towards the realization of a 5GW PV module production hub in Anhui, cementing the company’s intent to be a global torchbearer in ushering a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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