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NEWS – Suntrans New Energy produces own Safety-Focused CCA PV-Cable

Suntrans New Energy Launches Safety-Focused CCA PV-Cable

Suntrans New Energy has introduced its own CCA-cable, offering a fresh perspective on PV-cable safety. One of the concerns with many solar installations has been the potential release of toxic fumes in the event of a fire. The CCA PV-cable by Suntrans addresses this issue, producing no toxic fumes when exposed to fire.

The importance of this feature is clear. Fire safety is essential in electrical installations, especially in areas with high populations. With the CCA PV-cable, Suntrans aims to provide users and the community with added peace of mind, knowing that the risk associated with toxic fume inhalation is minimized.

This release is a testament to Suntrans New Energy’s commitment to producing products that are not just efficient, but also consider the well-being of their users and the surrounding environment.

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