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BLOG – why use rapid clamps in solar mounting

Optimizing Solar Panel Installations with rapid clamps: An Efficient Solution The era of sustainable energy is upon us, and solar power plays a crucial role in this shift towards a greener future. When installing solar panels, it’s vital to employ efficient and reliable methods. rapid clamps, an innovative solution in the solar industry, offer aRead more ⟶

BLOG – CCA Cables for efficient solar panel systems

The Importance of CCA Cables for Efficient Solar Panel Systems In the world of solar energy, efficiency and reliability are crucial for maximizing the output of your solar panel installation. While much attention is paid to selecting high-quality solar panels and inverters, the importance of cabling is sometimes overlooked. However, choosing the right cables canRead more ⟶

BLOG – Carport systems for integrating solar panels

Carport construction for solar panels Offering carports construcitons for integrated solar panels for installers is a smart, sustainable and practical outcome for your customers. In a world where sustainability and energy efficiency are increasingly important, many homeowners are looking for innovative ways to reduce their ecologic footprint while taking advantage of the latest technologies. Solar panels areRead more ⟶

NEWS – Packaging example Tin Roof Mounting System

Another successful shipment of a solar mounting system that is completely ready for installation. A company ordered a complete solar roof mounting system from us to install at one of its customers. The client called on our expertise to develop a complete roof mounting system for solar energy. This has its advantages: The company orderedRead more ⟶

NEWS – Closer look inside our assembling factory

Welcome to Suntrans New Energy, a driving force in the solar industry known for its commitment to innovative mounting solutions. Today, we’re pleased to offer you an inside look at our assembly factory, where precision and sustainability come together. At Suntrans New Energy, we’re proud to have a dedicated team of engineers and technicians whoRead more ⟶

NEWS – Suntrans, an official importer of Afore Inverters

Suntrans New Energy is delighted to announce our latest collaboration. We are now the official importer for Afore Inverters in the region, reinforcing our dedication to bring top-notch renewable energy solutions to our clientele. 🔋 Why Afore Inverters? Afore is a renowned brand across the globe, acclaimed for its innovation, reliability, and stellar efficiency. CateringRead more ⟶